MATRIZ TINTER (Concentrated Tint)

– TM xx Tinter (1Lt)
– TM xx Tinter (4Lt)


TPM MATRIZ AUTOMATE System is a Multileg Mixing system, which is user-friendly and flexible for your usage. With one full set of Concentrated Tint (consists of 83 basic tinters) in combination of various quality Binders that covers complete colour range, you are able to obtain various quality paints to meets every professional requirement at the same time.

TPM Matriz Automate Paint System :
1). TM400 1K Acrylic Lacquer = TMTinter + TM145 1K Binder
2). TM500 2K Single Stage 2:1 Polyurethane Enamel = TMTinter + TM100 Binder + TA101 Activator
3). TM600 Clear-Over-Base  = TMTinter + TM150/TM160 2K Binder
4). TM700 4:1 Polyurethane Enamel = TMTinter + TM170 PU Binder + TA270 PU Activator
5). TM6000 Clear-Over-Base (Low VOC) = TMTinter + TM155 Low VOC Binder
6). TM Vinyl Paint = TMTinter + TM305 Vinyl Binder


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